This poem is an ode to all those people who went unheard. Remember that it requires a huge shift to deviate from a parochial mindset. It doesn’t happen overnight. One step at a time. Over time, you break free from the shackles. Let us remember that every unheard phrase is a lost perspective. Every lost perspective is a lost opportunity to explore.

Constantly stifled and chided for stating his mind, 

His voice was subdued by their conceitful notions; 

Distraught and broken, he now yearns to be heard, 

And his silent screams beseeching to be heeded; 

Shackled and tormented in the prison of his mind, 

The unspoken words plead for their liberation; 

With the ghastly abyss taunting and engulfing him, 

His mind calls truce, unable to accommodate chaos; 

Shutting his eyes, he hopes for a better future, 

Devoid of choked voices and muffled opinions

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