Fleeting Clouds

A few people enter your life and add a certain iridescence to it. They don’t necessarily end up becoming your romantic interest or your best friend. They might remain your acquaintances or most often than not, they happen to be fleeting clouds. You lose contact with them; you forget them and you move on with your life. But the impact they create in your life is elusive yet important. The perspective they offer, the casual conversations you have with them and the little beams they brought to your face remain unforgettable. A few years later, the sudden mention of something reminds you of that certain someone and an instinctive smile creeps on your lips. You take out your phone and rigorously tap away their names on all the social media platforms one could name. Scarcely, you’re lucky and you reconnect with them. But generally, all your efforts go in vain. They only remain lucid memories you cherish forever.

So, a name did pop up on your head, didn’t it? 🙂

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