A liberal!

Over the past week, I've been paying visits to my relatives' places. It has been fun with each athai, perima (aunt), paati (grandmother) telling me with gleaming eyes that I've become taller or that I've 'light-ah' put on weight since the last time they saw me. One such visit will forever remain etched in my … Continue reading A liberal!

Tuesday Thoughts

What if the life we live is just another jigsaw puzzle? Would it not be still beautiful even if a few pieces of the puzzle went missing? Is it pertinent for us to find all the pieces of the puzzle and fit them into their respective places? To me, life, in general, is akin to … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts

Dawn – A New Beginning

  The little girl rises from her gentle bed,  With thoughts of fine novels in her head;  She embraces the new beginning – the dawn;  Whilst she groggily wakes up with a loud yawn,  She thinks of pink flamingos, their giant wings,  Of the sun, breeze and all beautiful things;  Of periwinkles blossoms and lilac … Continue reading Dawn – A New Beginning

Satyavan Savithri – Poetic Take

Savitri – A Symbol of wisdom and love  Eighteen years of austerity and endless penance, Led to the birth of a divine celestial child, ‘Savitri’ The girl grew up to be the embodiment of beauty, Whilst being the epitome of humility and intellect; Time passed by – she reached a marriageable age, Yet, seldom suitors … Continue reading Satyavan Savithri – Poetic Take