Navaratri – nine nights filled with festivities,
Cheerful women clad in brick red silk sarees,
Throng into the quaint lanes of the city;
To celebrate the triumph of good over evil;
The deity’s idol shimmers in glints of gold,
And the city shines in vibrant hues of joy;
The incessant ringing of the temple bells,
And the beating of drums in jubilation,
Fills our ears, devouring us in its sanctity,
Tis’ accompanied by the devotional chants,
Celebrating the glory of divine femininity;
Temple oil lamps have been lit – The scent,
Of incense sticks and the jasmine flowers,
Fills our nostrils, drawing us into a trance;
The Goddess stands mighty – bestowing us,
With her blessings and all her protection;
We sway our heads whilst in that reverie
We drench ourselves in her sheer devotion;
Consumed in this mystic melody – and,
An empyrean experience of adherence;
A dainty flicker of hope on dark nights,
Rekindling our belief in the divine Goddess,
Navratri – a solace amidst our difficulties!

(written on 30th September, 2020)


16 thoughts on “Navaratri

  1. Hi Swetha,

    Navratri has always been one of my favourite festivals. Our district Dhar is close to Gujarat. So we play lots of garba songs.

    Your poem feels bright and fresh, irrespective of when it was written. You have expressed yourself beautifully.

    Navratri has a connection to purity. It’s the period of measuring our good and bad features. We’ll learn to accept, balance and improve ourselves.

    Happy Navratri!
    Jai Maa Durga 🙏

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