Navaratri - nine nights filled with festivities,Cheerful women clad in brick red silk sarees,Throng into the quaint lanes of the city;To celebrate the triumph of good over evil;The deity’s idol shimmers in glints of gold,And the city shines in vibrant hues of joy;The incessant ringing of the temple bells,And the beating of drums in jubilation,Fills … Continue reading Navaratri

The Moon and Us

Why do we indulge in an intense tug of war?Has all our passion turned whisky sour?Why is it - one step forward, two steps back?Is it that this mystery is too hard to crack?I sit by my window – star gazing, as I wonder,If the moon, the sun and the stars over yonder,Encountered this profound … Continue reading The Moon and Us

The Language of Rain

Redolent, pristine, and tender, The pleasing scent of petrichor. Hear the clatter of tiny rain droplets, Trickling down a sparking brooklet. See blinding lightning streak in the skies, Stay still and lend an ear! To rumbling thunder's furious cries, A soft murmur became a deafening roar. Indeed, an orchestral crescendo! The sky - she has … Continue reading The Language of Rain

A king in his realm…

His palace was made of tarpaulin, And regal crown made of tin foil; His reign filled with quaint lanes, The plastic pipe he held – his sword cane; Dilapidated, dingy narrow lanes – Yet, Filled with abundant love, I bet! Bottle caps, buttons, cardboard, Were invaluable treasures he guarded; His arrival announced royally in style, … Continue reading A king in his realm…

Satyavan Savithri – Poetic Take

Savitri – A Symbol of wisdom and love  Eighteen years of austerity and endless penance, Led to the birth of a divine celestial child, ‘Savitri’ The girl grew up to be the embodiment of beauty, Whilst being the epitome of humility and intellect; Time passed by – she reached a marriageable age, Yet, seldom suitors … Continue reading Satyavan Savithri – Poetic Take