After the Rains

As I sat there in breathless silence, The silence felt louder than the noise,And yet it somehow lent solace,An unexplainable feeling of calm;When the cold breeze gently grazed my hair,With pursed lips, I smiled into the yonder.Rain droplets trickling down trees and into puddles,The sporadic cawing of a lone crow atop a tree,These were the … Continue reading After the Rains


I'm filled with dread as I stare at a blank piece of paper, with my mind creating havoc. What if one day, I lose my ability to articulate my thoughts? What if I'm unable to pen them down to accommodate more chaos? What if words no longer come to me when I beckon ? What … Continue reading Fear…

My Safe Haven

Every time there’s a certain void, I experience spine-chills. Terrified, I close my eyes to calm myself. There it is. My ‘safe haven.’ It isn’t a ‘place’ but usually a seamless memory tape that I hold close to my heart. --- 'I’m four or so. Everything seems to be beyond my comprehension. I hear the … Continue reading My Safe Haven

Of life and lemons

Amidst a lot of chaos, we scurry from the start to the finish line  Striving and yearning for success, we’re filled with zest  But when everything crashes, we hear ourselves whine,  ‘But God, why me? I did nothing but my best!’  Constantly seeking success and an end result that is fruitful,  We don blinkers and … Continue reading Of life and lemons