My Epiphanies

Take a moment to pause, And count your blessings; Listen to your inner soul, Softly whisper tales to you; Seek the good throughout, Wake the resilience in you; Conquering the failures, Crumbling the fear within; Marvel at your little triumphs, Cherishing the little we live; Crafting your own journey, Gently drifting like a wave!  

Your mind – Short Poem

Your mind – A clear reflection,  Of your profound ruminations;  Resonating, constantly conspiring,  Your dreams and aspirations;  Tread the path with caution,  And choose wisely, my friend!  You become what you believe,  You discover what you seek;  Culminate an ocean of zest,  Stride on, unearthing your quest!   

Happiness – Short Poem

I see the weary people around me,  Swaying to tunes of sorrow and agony;  Fretting, living in clasps of misery,  Seldom being in a state of sanguinity;   Well, let’s create our own symphony,  And dance to that mystic melody;  Shine like the silver moon with glee,  Filling hearts with warmth and ecstacy;  Leading a life … Continue reading Happiness – Short Poem

Growth, Success and Failures

Growth, Success and Failures.  These are mere words that have different meanings yet inextricably woven in the path of our life.   I wanted to excel at a certain something and conquer my fears. Yet, seldom I realized that to succeed in it, I have to be patient. I sat in a corner – frayed, not wanting … Continue reading Growth, Success and Failures

Candle Flame

  Concrete Poetry A  spark of hope,  so thin and  bleak; the pale  luminous streak,  filling her heart  with immense warmth;  a solace amidst the dark  abyss she was consumed  by; instilling a belief  in miracles; lending  a form to divinity  and purity.  And,  the golden hues with a tint of  blue, making her heart flutter  … Continue reading Candle Flame