Happiness – Short Poem

I see the weary people around me,  Swaying to tunes of sorrow and agony;  Fretting, living in clasps of misery,  Seldom being in a state of sanguinity;   Well, let’s create our own symphony,  And dance to that mystic melody;  Shine like the silver moon with glee,  Filling hearts with warmth and ecstacy;  Leading a life … Continue reading Happiness – Short Poem

Growth, Success and Failures

Growth, Success and Failures.  These are mere words that have different meanings yet inextricably woven in the path of our life.   I wanted to excel at a certain something and conquer my fears. Yet, seldom I realized that to succeed in it, I have to be patient. I sat in a corner – frayed, not wanting … Continue reading Growth, Success and Failures

Of life and lemons

Amidst a lot of chaos, we scurry from the start to the finish line  Striving and yearning for success, we’re filled with zest  But when everything crashes, we hear ourselves whine,  ‘But God, why me? I did nothing but my best!’  Constantly seeking success and an end result that is fruitful,  We don blinkers and … Continue reading Of life and lemons