Why do you write?

I write to make peace with the things I cannot control. I write to create fabric in the world that often appears black and white. I write to meet my ghosts. I write to begin a dialogue. I write to imagine things differently and in imagining things differently perhaps the world will change. - Terry … Continue reading Why do you write?

My Epiphanies

Take a moment to pause, And count your blessings; Listen to your inner soul, Softly whisper tales to you; Seek the good throughout, Wake the resilience in you; Conquering the failures, Crumbling the fear within; Marvel at your little triumphs, Cherishing the little we live; Crafting your own journey, Gently drifting like a wave!  

A Picturesque View

The pink ethereal skies during dusk,  Etching a mural in the welkin,  The little yellow dandelions swaying,  To symphonies of the soft breeze;  The vivid green grass – wet and scanty,  Redolent of the musty smell of petrichor;  The distant dimly lit lighthouse,  Flaunting its color of enchantment;  The placid, bottomless waters,  Creating a moment … Continue reading A Picturesque View