A king in his realm…

His palace was made of tarpaulin, And regal crown made of tin foil; His reign filled with quaint lanes, The plastic pipe he held – his sword cane; Dilapidated, dingy narrow lanes – Yet, Filled with abundant love, I bet! Bottle caps, buttons, cardboard, Were invaluable treasures he guarded; His arrival announced royally in style, … Continue reading A king in his realm…

Happiness – Short Poem

I see the weary people around me,  Swaying to tunes of sorrow and agony;  Fretting, living in clasps of misery,  Seldom being in a state of sanguinity;   Well, let’s create our own symphony,  And dance to that mystic melody;  Shine like the silver moon with glee,  Filling hearts with warmth and ecstacy;  Leading a life … Continue reading Happiness – Short Poem

Math – A misery?

Numbers crawl on me and choke me tight,  I twitch, cry and struggle – put up a fight;  I watch the shapes and signs twist and turn,  Moaning at appalling memories they churn;  Integral signs entangling like Grim Reaper,  Vehemently – like the crawling creepers;  Massive cavalries of trig – sine and cosine,  Forcefully march … Continue reading Math – A misery?

A Picturesque View

The pink ethereal skies during dusk,  Etching a mural in the welkin,  The little yellow dandelions swaying,  To symphonies of the soft breeze;  The vivid green grass – wet and scanty,  Redolent of the musty smell of petrichor;  The distant dimly lit lighthouse,  Flaunting its color of enchantment;  The placid, bottomless waters,  Creating a moment … Continue reading A Picturesque View