Girl at the metro

(An Excerpt)

She scurried up the flight of stairs, two steps with every foot forward. Stumbling and short of breath, she reached the platform only in time to find that the train had already started moving. As the train chugged away, she realized that the next train wasn’t until nine minutes later. She let out a sigh and turned to look at the railings beside the stairs. Dawdling to where the railings were, she placed her hand on it.

The girl’s eyes carried a profound tale. One could look into her eyes and find something insidiously devouring her. The dimly lit station seemed to add to the gloom that was prevalent in the air. Lifting her head up, she gazed at the tranquil city from where she stood. The sight was visually appealing, and it seemed as though it yearned to be beheld. Her eyes lingered for a while. The aeolian sounds of the gusty winds resonated in her ears like an unfamiliar symphony.

She gently closed her eyes as though she had been pulled into a deep trance. Memories started flooding in and an ache pushed against her heart. Memories of when she buried her face in her mother’s saree with her tiny hand tightly wrapped around her mother’s finger; the times when she played mischief and quietly went up to her mother with  a sheepish  smile; the times she used to scream whilst running to the kitchen into her mother’s arms after a power blackout. Instinctively, the girl reached out to touch her but was immediately pulled out of the trance by the sound of the next train rumbling its way into the metro station, coming to a screeching halt.

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