Tuesday Thoughts

What if the life we live is just another jigsaw puzzle? Would it not be still beautiful even if a few pieces of the puzzle went missing?

Is it pertinent for us to find all the pieces of the puzzle and fit them into their respective places?

To me, life, in general, is akin to a giant jigsaw puzzle. Say, a 1,000 pieced puzzle, and all its pieces are amiss, scattered and some, are even missing! But that is life. It is about the little imperfections that occur with the flow of life. Those imperfections make life beautiful.

Do we need to painstakingly set the puzzle to perfection even if costs us dearly? I hope not! I doubt that it would rather be wise to accept those little imperfections. Those efforts to perfect those stains (frivolous in the long run) end up costing us our happiness. 

The mention of the jigsaw puzzle reminds me of the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi. It teaches us about impermanence, the imperfections in life’s journey, and transience. Wabi-Sabi finds beauty in imperfection; it celebrates cracks and crevices. It seeks to admire the elegance in a dilapidated building or an asymmetric teacup. It seeks to appreciate the beauty in something rather than perfecting the blemishes.

‘The puzzle’ was my analogy. You could deploy what suits you best in its place. But the essence is that those imperfections don’t define who we are. When we accept those imperfections, we’ll unearth a new lease of life – A beautiful one!

Hope for the best and trust your life journey.

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