Cancelled plans and canned getaways,

Hindrance showed up abruptly as always;

They said, ‘the air you breathe is free!’

Oh, not true! how do I explain my agony?

My breath, not my very own – For,

It is supported by a two-inch container;

‘Deliver me from this trauma’, I implore,

For ‘Asthma’ is the only word I abhor!

Gasping for breath, I twist and turn,

Well, ease of breathing is my only concern!

Looking at this sordid misery – I weep,

For weary nights pass by devoid of sleep,

Oh, all in vain! my pleas go unheard,

And my breath becomes staggered;

‘Asthma’ – certainly a devil in disguise,

A beast that smothers even my softest cries!