Satyavan Savithri – Poetic Take

Savitri – A Symbol of wisdom and love 

Eighteen years of austerity and endless penance,

Led to the birth of a divine celestial child, ‘Savitri’

The girl grew up to be the embodiment of beauty,

Whilst being the epitome of humility and intellect;

Time passed by – she reached a marriageable age,

Yet, seldom suitors came by! Alas, they trembled,

For Savitri was astute and of impeccable beauty;

Disheartened, her father – the King, sent her forth,

To seek her own husband, to discover her partner;

In her quest for her husband, she met ‘Satyavan’

Striking son of blind, exiled king – Dyumatsena;

Yet, upon returning to her father, she was informed,

‘Despite his valuable virtues and his high qualities,

Forget him and find another suitor, my child – for,

He’s destined to depart the earthly world in a year!’

But Savitri was determined to marry only Satyavan,  

She dismissed their woes and assured her parents;

All persuasion went futile and Savitri married him!

Time flew by and when his tryst with destiny neared,

She fasted, prayed and followed him into the woods;

Yet, Satyavan couldn’t escape the clutches of Yama!

The Lord of death took his soul and proceeded ahead;

Unable to behold this, Savitri followed undauntedly!

With her wisdom, she resolved to bring Satyavan back,

She was a woman with grit and an unwavering mind!

She followed, whilst moving Yama to grant her boons,

Eventually, with her appealing wisdom and reverence,

The last boon she asked was the return of Satyavan!

Impressed by Savitri’s wisdom and her dedication,

The God of death eventually returned Satyavan’s soul!

Her unparalleled love and her wisdom – an example,

Of the extents a wife would go to save her husband!

Oh reader, tis’ a tale of a woman who compelled,

And made Lord Yama acquiesce to her demands,

Tis’ the story of love conquering the doors of death!