That night, awoken from my deep slumber,

I saw those faces behind masquerades,

Slowly revealing themselves in the dark;

Tis’ sorrowful – for their deed was heinous,

Sinful and deplorable! Akin to murder,

Murder of the ‘truth’ I was entitled to!

They robbed the truth from me – And,

Blinded me in their make-believe world!

Now, caught betwixt those fine hidden lies,

And the ugly naked truth – they stand,

Their concealed subterfuges broken free,

All their false assurances faded in a flash;

Their masks tore into two halves – one,

Bearing a wicked grin – sly and crooked,     

With their evil minds spewing spite, hatred;

Another, filled with regret and remorse,

Their empty hearts basking in self-loathing;

Yet, beneath this chaos, their desperate souls,

Yearn to be liberated from this sordid misery,

From evil and the chasm devouring them;

Mind running amok, one thought to another,

Seeking solace yet yielding to the chaos;

But ‘Truth’ and ‘Trust’ aren’t merely words,

It shattered whilst the ugly façade vanished;

Trust ebbed when their veil faded into dust,

The erosion of trust scraped my soul away;

Weakened my legs and left me distraught;

Oh, dear reader! A penny for your thoughts,

Did they beguile me or themselves in the end?

Must I pity them? Or must I abhor them all?

Must I indulge? Or must I resist and move on?

Are they awful? Or are they merely pitiable? 

Befuddled with questions, and no answers,

I sigh. I pause, wonder and end my tirade!