Autumn – The Season of Amber

‘Autumn’ – the enchanting season of vivid rich amber, 

With the aeolian winds lending us symphonies of fall; 

Quaint lanes filled with the scent of fallen pine cones, 

Acorns ousted from their trees – bracing for winter; 

ittle girls singing and deftly picking sweet chestnuts, 

Whilst reminiscing the lost times of our childhood; 

Sitting by my window, gazing at the trees over yonder, 

My heart sinks when their leaves fall down with grace; 

At sunset, the skies bloom into a mystic paradise, 

The trees filter out a komerobi, flaunting their vivid hues, 

Cottony clouds etch empyrean murals in the welkin; 

Then, night arrives! breathless, filled with languid grief, 

Dreary silence – akin to the pallor of the cold moon; 

Witnessing longer nights and shorter days ushered, 

By the loud hooting of distant owls and the incessant – 

Crackling noises of a kindled autumn bonfire; 

These dull days pass by – yearning and beckoning, 

For something unknown, yet devouring our soul; 

While nature implores us to shove aside the foreboding, 

To love ardently with grace, despite bloom or fall; 

Autumn – gently untwines the despair of our past, 

Surmising us that even mother nature begins anew; 

The season of fall – teaches us the impermanence of life, 

That, betwixt birth and death, change is the only constant!