A Little Epiphany

  • Any strong episode in our life is like a pot of potion. When the heat simmers down and the potion is stirred, it takes time for the vapor to drift and kick in. Likewise, our mind takes time to come to consensus with everything that is going on around us and to let the truth sink in.
  • That said, even life in general could be   understood as a pot of potion. We throw in sugar, spice and everything nice into the pot, to make and lead a perfect life. But, like Professor Utonium, we unexpectedly throw in that extra ingredient ‘X’ into our concoction, making things go berserk. But hey! that is what makes life an interesting roller coaster ride.
  • Ergo, let’s cheerfully chug down whatever is brewing in there!

Hope for the best and trust your life journey!

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