Math – A misery?

Numbers crawl on me and choke me tight, 

I twitch, cry and struggle – put up a fight; 

I watch the shapes and signs twist and turn, 

Moaning at appalling memories they churn; 

Integral signs entangling like Grim Reaper, 

Vehemently – like the crawling creepers; 

Massive cavalries of trig – sine and cosine, 

Forcefully march their way into my mind, 

I shut the book and fling it out the window 

I go to bed, snuggling myself in a pillow; 

In my dreams, I traverse afar – into a land, 

With no math, with my worst fears canned; 

I watch an empire of square roots – topple, 

Watching them fall into their own debacle; 

I let out an evil laugh, but it lasted a moment, 

As what followed next, made my soul lament; 

I wake up in a sweat, I had a nasty dream, 

A dream, that ripped me off my self-esteem; 

I miserably failed in math yet again! 

Oh, mind me! Even though it’s been years, 

Of dwelling in deep self-loathing and tears; 

Years – since I cut ties, shoved it in my past, 

I wait in patience for a bandage to be cast; 

To heal the wounds, and the scars it left, 

For the times, it left me utterly depressed! 

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