‘The neighing of the horse brought her back from the deep trance. There he was, lying in a pool of blood. Perplexed, she dropped the bloodied knife and receded a few steps. She turned and strode back to where her horse was secured. Unhitching the horse from the tree, she shut her eyes. A tear escaped her eye. It was her way of telling her sister that it was over. But deep down, she knew that it didn’t change a thing. The mere act of killing him couldn’t bring her sister back. Mounting her horse, she turned hesitantly. He lay there writhing in pain, his hands clutching his wounded chest. His eyes pleaded for her mercy and his lips silently screamed for help. She let her eyes linger on him as though savouring the moment. He had wrecked the life of the one person she cared for, the one person she had. It was time to atone for his evil-doing. Slowly shifting her gaze away, she tugged the hood over her face and galloped away into the sunrise.’

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