Of life and lemons

Amidst a lot of chaos, we scurry from the start to the finish line 

Striving and yearning for success, we’re filled with zest 

But when everything crashes, we hear ourselves whine, 

‘But God, why me? I did nothing but my best!’ 

Constantly seeking success and an end result that is fruitful, 

We don blinkers and hastily speed to our destination 

Seldom realizing that the journey is by itself the most beautiful 

And everything is over by when we come to that revelation. 

Someone great once said, ‘If life throws lemons, make lemonade’ 

Hey! If it doesn’t throw ripe ones, make pickles from it.  

Adapt and adjust! Cause nothing in life is tailor-made 

So, whatever comes our way, let’s be calm and not throw a fit.

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