Dear 2020…

Dear 2020,

Our dear Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam had different plans for us. He predicted that we’d be a superpower in the global economy; he spoke of progress. But all I can see in the papers is the ‘India’ that is teeming with virus, poverty, mishap and nothing good. Having started off with the dark cloud of Covid-19 that loomed us, you have been nothing but devastating. Could you get any worse? I don’t know if I can even keep count of all the bad things that you have given us. It seems so unfair. Everything seems so unfair. That wretched Covid-19! I badly wish Pied Piper of Hamelin was alive to lure this Covid-19 to jump off a cliff and fall into the abyss. I badly want the lockdown to end so that we can go back to being busy and stop reading the papers. With ample time in our hands, we have started paying close attention to everything that is happening around this world. The rosy picture that I had in my mind has vanished and all I can think of, when I close my eyes is a dull shade of grey dripping with melancholy. You keep giving us a ray of hope saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel but you are just trying to fool us… I think the end of the tunnel leads us straight to death and sorrow! I’m done with you.


Angry human.

PS : Just goooo! 

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