Little Things

Have you ever wondered about this?

Sometimes, people drift apart due to distance or disagreements. But, a certain memory of that person stays with you – be it a close friend, a colleague or even your childhood crush. A vivid image or a memory of that person is what you cherish, hold close to your heart and occasionally even recount. It remains and ‘that person’ is the person you’ve known. And a few years later, you bump into them. You have a few forced conversations and reconnect with them with the pre-conceived notion that they’re still the same and then, it hits you hard. You realize that they’ve changed. But, hold on! Isn’t ‘changed’ a pretty subjective word? Changed could mean that they have evolved into an incredible person or it could mean otherwise. True, what I mean by ‘changed’ is not the core of that person.

Undoubtedly, even with the passage of time, they tend to retain certain traits, habits and principles. But what disturbs you indeed is the change in the tinier details you liked in them or even admired. Likewise, you realize that certain little things that you associated them with before, isn’t what they stand for anymore. People change; with time, people evolve. Even you and me – we have transformed over the years. Despite knowing this, there is this tiny part of your heart that has been accustomed to the person you knew and fails to come to consensus. Sometimes, you even abhor certain facets of this new person because you still have a special place in your heart for the person you knew in the past. 

But, it is of utmost importance that we accept people as they are. We don’t know! as time passes, the little aspects you adored in them might return, after all we’re still evolving.

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